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Before the Dawn

Feature Film (Drama)

Director: Jay Holben

Writer: Alana de Freitas

Producers: Alana de Freitas, Diane Foster, Jay Holben

Status: Now available on Amazon!

Logline: A new teacher, looking for a fresh start,

becomes entangled in a dangerous love-triangle.

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Short Film


Director: Alana de Freitas

Writer: Alana de Freitas

Producers: Alana de Freitas, Matt McGee

Status: Post-production

Logline: A father struggles to come to terms with his son coming out as gay.


Short Film


Director: Austin Torelli

Writer: Alana de Freitas

Producer: Alana de Freitas

Status: Released February 2017

Logline: When three friends gather for their weekly ritual of watching The Bachelor, the conversation turns to the topic of cheating and who really holds the blame.



Sweet Dreams

Feature Film


Writer: Alana de Freitas

Status: Script

Quarter Finalist - Screencraft Horror Screenplay Competition 2019

Logline: A teenage girl begins having dreams of her own brutal death after another local girls is found to have been murdered in a similar manner.


Feature Film


Writer: Alana de Freitas

Status: Pre-production

Logline: In the wake of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, there has been an undercurrent of questions asking ‘why did they wait so long to say something?’  By confronting the ‘why now’ dialogue, we gain an understanding of the full gamut of repercussions that have been silencing victims – until now.

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