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Cut Me If You Can



“The script has an original premise built around subverting all the clichés and tropes in ordinary horror films. While a self-aware horror-comedy is nearly a cinematic institution, CUT ME IF YOU CAN takes things one step further by calling direct attention to cinematic techniques and conventions. The script has a flurry of laughs and surprising twists sure to entertain. Uniquely, the script anthropomorphizes the camera as the movie attempts to track two rogue protagonists. It’s a potent subversion that lands well and proves unpredictable."   - Bluecat Screenplay Competition

Feature Screenplay - Horror/Comedy

Written by Nicolas Polixene, Sylvain Loubet dit Gajol & Jean-Jérome Loubet dit Gajol

Currently producing  a short film version as proof of concept for the feature. Screenplay & pitch packet available for the short. Treatment available for the feature.

Knowing they're always the first ones to die, as per the cliche horror movie formula, two black characters decide to reject their fate and rebel against the script. They must outwit the serial killer and escape the theatre in order to survive - but the film has other plans. 

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