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With a variety of services and custom-made solutions, we are ready and eager to tackle your next project. Whether it's a short or feature film, web series, television program, music video, commercial, or anything in between, we can tailor solutions to all budget ranges. Take a look below at the unique service offerings to see what we can do for you, and reach out with any questions.

Creative Development

Give your story wings

Creative Development can be one of the the most challenging stages in any project. We can assist in developing your characters and plot lines to enrich the overall story, whilst always keeping audiences and market trends in mind.

Top View of Text Writer Stuff on Workpla
Drawing a storyboard


Foundation for Success

This crucial stage in any project is where you lay the foundations for a successful production. We can assist in sourcing equipment and locations, casting, hiring crew, union paperwork, insurance, scheduling, catering, transport, etc.


Seeing your story come to life

This is the step everybody visualizes when they think of filmmaking, but it is often the shortest stage of the process. Having an on-set producer to ensure all departments are operating effectively will ensure that your shoot wraps on time and under budget.

Film Set


Putting all the puzzle pieces together

This is possibly the most exciting, yet time-consuming part of the filmmaking process. Carefully sourcing the right team to assemble, color, sound design and score your film is crucial to creating a piece of work that will find success in the marketplace.


Guiding the vision to fruition

Nothing is more crucial than having a motivated and inspiring director who can lead the team in creating a project that will find its home in the marketplace. Being able to see the finished product in their mind's eye, and communicate that vision clearly to the cast and crew, will enable ensure delivery of a production that your investors can be confident in.

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