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For Life

Champagne. Tequila. Champila.

Currently on the festival circuit.

WWFC - For Life - Poster 1.jpg

Short Film - Dramedy

Directed by Djaka Souaré
Written by Natasha Lewin & Diane J. Wright
Produced by Alana de Freitas and the Women's Weekend Film Challenge
Director of Photography Carrie Morgan
Edited by Christina O'Sullivan

Starring Vianessa Castaños, Xanthe Paige & Ayana Taylor

When a new friend shows up, two best-friends-forever are forced to question how long 'forever' really lasts.

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  • WINNER - Best Narrative Short - International Independent Film Awards

  • WINNER - Best Narrative Short - Vegas Movie Awards

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Focus International Film Festival

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Sherman Oaks Film Festival

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Verge Film Awards

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Detroit SheTown Film Festival


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